Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Crafty Side: Victorian Dress Ironing Board Cover


The inspiration: I found this perfect gown at the following website: The name of the dress: "Peach Victorian Bustle Ball Gown with Pearl Flowers". This dress was voted "2009 USA Best Ball Gown in the World" - 2nd Place Winner. It was the perfect gown for the Craft Room: Victorian and Peach.

My version: Keep in mind this was for an Ironing Board "Cover"...not a dress. And, it was made from a Thrift Store dress and hat...

I don't like the look of an ironing board standing in the corner. In the craft room, I wanted something creative to hide the board. Let's face it, we're talking about a "craft" room...So, this is the place to be crafty! To fit in with the decor of the room, I wanted something Victorian-esque with a peach color scheme.

I used a 1" x 4" board, cut slightly larger than the base of the legs. I drilled 4 holes in the board: 2 for the hook to hang on the wall, and 2 for hooks inside the "bag" to accomodate the leg of the board.

I covered the board with a natural cotton muslin fabric. I then measured the length of the ironing board, and cut a piece of the muslin fabric, as well as a satiny liner fabric. I sewed the 2 pieces of fabric together, trimmed my corners and turned inside-out. I then hot-glued it to the edges of the board. Thus, creating a 3-sided "bag" to cover the ironing board.

Now to creating the dress...I went to the local Goodwill store, and found the perfect dress, AND a hat! I bought them both for less than $10. The dress was originally some sort of party dress, with long sleeves that were puffed at the top, and tapered to fit at the wrist. The dress was knee-length, with 3 rows of ruffles at the bottom.

I had some 3" sheer, off-white lace, in my stash. Perfect! I also had some small seed pearls that have pieces of flexible wire attached. I think they use these in floral creations. I don't know why I had them...

I used large T-head pins to attach the dress to the top of the board, pinning it to the bag, I had previously made. Then, I created a wide waist band for the dress, and just slipped it over the skirt. I tucked a small pleat along the middle of the dress, and waist band. It was held in place with just a couple of whip-stitches. I then tucked seed pearls along the pleat, to look like small pearl buttons. Next, I brought the middle of the ruffled skirt to just below the waist band. I was going for a "bustled" look. I tucked pieces of the 3" lace in between the ruffles, to add some fullness, and detail. Finally, I made small armbands trimmed with lace. I was able to "poof" the sleeves through the bands, for an old-timey looking sleeve. The bottom of the "bag" serves as the skirt.

I then glued lace to the hat. And, finally, I created a small sheer-ribbon bow, with coordinating tiny silk flowers that was pinned to the hat.

Voila! A faux Victorian dress that hides my ironing board. I love this project! I'm very happy with the results.

Till Next Time...

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