Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Crafty Side: The Barn-Craft Room: Gift-Wrapping Cabinet

Opposite the Ribbon Caddy, in the craft room, I had another 2' x 2' corner...that needed something! I had seen different ideas for storing gift-wrap, and came up with this idea.
I found a small cabinet at the local thrift shop. It cost less than $20. The cabinet was the perfect size!

I removed the drawer and the door. I used the drawer hardware to make a bottom shelf that would slide out. I then used a lazy-susan mechanism, that I had left-over from another "never-happened" project, to mount a wooden circle base to the pull-out shelf. I drilled holes to hold left-over dowel rods. These rods would support the rolls of wrapping paper. I could now slide out the whole base, and rotate to see different paper rolls. I made a new door, and painted the whole cabinet white. I used small tea-cup holders, and dowel rods, as well as, pieces of elastic, on the door to hold tissue paper, bags of filler, scissors and tape. I added a small pink glass knob, that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Yay!! A re-purposed, DIY, perfect-fit, Gift-Wrapping Cabinet was born:

Next Up: Drop Cloth Curtains

Till Next Time...

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