Friday, October 19, 2012

Crazy, Crazy Year!

My niece got married, last weekend.  It was absolutely gorgeous!  It has been exactly one week since the rehearsal day.  Guess what?  I'm still tired!

This has been such a crazy year!  I've not had a single weekend that something really, really important was going on.  On one hand, that's a good thing (idle hands, all that...); but, on the other hand I'm exhausted! hahaha 

And, here we are coming into the Holiday season.  I have so many great ideas!  But, I'm really re-thinking my Holiday decorating for this year.  Just not sure it's really worth all the time and effort to clean it up.  I absolutely LOVE the decorating part.  If only those little elves would come take it down, and put it away....

I know I'll gather the energy.  But. today, I just simply can't. 

Anybody else tired?

Till next time....

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